Is it Father’s Day?

Is it Father’s Day?

OK so it’s father’s day.

What, I hear you cry, you’re months early! Well if you refer to my earlier post regarding mother’s day you’ll remember that us internationally divided families need to respect the right dates. So for those of you that don’t know it’s shortly father’s day in the UK.  I must also add that this year I remembered on my own!


Anyway I’m rambling, yes you guessed, it’s another blog post from Crafty Pete. So the lovely Atty has done the groundwork as usual, I’m met with a nice natural looking base card, free access to the stamps and a rummage in the scrap bag. Oh and not forgetting a couple of pictures for inspiration, she’s such a good teacher!

I’m thinking a simple design with some nice shades and some natural elements. Atty also had a great set of alphabet stamps which are perfect to get a great dad sentiment on the card.  After a quick rummage in the Atty scrap bag I find a really fantastic piece of paper, it has what can only be described as yellow and black ink dots on a water colour paper. It’s fantastic and looks like either sunflowers or passion fruit, I never scored highly in those ink splodge tests. I find some complimenting papers and set about creating some flags for the right hand side of the card.

Free cutting, a phrase that strikes fear into the least manly of us, and free cutting flags, I’m a wreck at the thought of it! Atty picks up on my anxiety and comes to the rescue. Did I mention what a great teacher she is. She shows me a little tip, of you make a small cut in the centre line then you have a guide to cut the edges of the flag to, easy.

Flags cut I switch them about to find the most pleasing layout, then stick them at the top using some snail tape.  I’m quite pleased but it needs something more, Atty hands me some nice rustic looking string a couple of knots in either end and some dabs of glue its perfect. Next time for some stamping.

How to line up these stamps, introducing the stamp-a-ma-jig. This has to be the coolest thing, a T shaped handle and a square piece of clear film, how can that help? Well first push the film into the corner of the handle. Next stamp your letter using the corner of the T as a guide. Then position the guide and film on the card so that the impression on the film is in the right place. Finally remove the film making sure nothing moves and bingo, and stamp again using the T as a guide. Bingo, you have a perfectly aligned letter. Repeat the process for the rest of the word, done. If you don’t have a stamp-a-ma-jig then buy one , you’ll love it.

Perfect, a simple father’s day card, which to be honest could be an anything card, with lots of love for my dad.

Atty says:

The stamp set Crafty Pete used is Broadsheet Alphabet, which is now retired.

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